Book covers, what pulls a readers eye

March 31, 2015

Last Year I was doing a search to see how often our latest book showed up on a web search and discovered a not so nice critique. It wasn’t about the story within the book but the cover. My nose was out of joint for a short while, I put a lot of work into the cover, but, then I thought about it. If the cover was so bad as to make it to a blog about “Worst Book Covers” it needed to be changed. The idea is not to put off the reader by the cover but to invite the reader. We like to put a small blurb on the front about the book. Too much was given away on the original cover so even that had to be rewritten.

Original cover                                                                                 To this

Demesne The Challengechallenge_cover

As you can see there was a dramatic change. Did it make a difference in what a person picking up the book will think. I really do not know. Does a book cover really make a difference. According to many blogs, the answer is yes.

My ego aside, it is Better to know if there is a problem and fix it than leave it alone. Did I fix the problem? Let me know.



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