Difference over time

July 4, 2016

The difference over time.

A conversation was taking place on FaceBook between a couple of ladies. Talking about how the kids only want to play on the electronic devices. How getting them off of them is like pulling teeth.

timelessWe take the grandkids for the summer and look, all is quiet in the living room. Both are on their electronics, earbuds in and don’t notice anything going on around them. One on the love seat and the other on the couch.

Now some would say for us to get them off the furniture and kick them outside, since we have trees, paths, and rope swings to play on.

I am sure that if anyone was to look around, especially on YouTube, you can see in real time or videos of adults of varying ages, on their electronics, walking into traffic, lamp poles, holes, cars, fountains and other people.

Even in our household, the first thing the kids see in the morning, is the adults on electronics checking games, FaceBook, email and news and YouTube. And we should get on them for being on their games?

Now, lets move along with the characters of Inside Out, and lets take a trip back through the archives or our memories. Did you find the key to that locked door of your past? Lets go back to a time before portable electronic wonders.

Dad comes in from the yard work. “Where’s Julie?” he asks his wife.

“Oh, she is probably in her room with her Barbies again,” she answers him while still doing the dishes.

“I wish she would take more of an interest in the farm,” he grumbles as he goes back outside.

Blink and we are looking at another young girl. Her dad walks by the open door and sees her cutting material. When he gets to the kitchen, “I wish Peggy would go out and make some friends, instead of sitting in her room all day, just making outfits for her dolls.”

“It’s just a phase, dear,” his wife answers. “She is quiet and happy for now.”

In another land and another time, a young boy, who is extremely shy and is picked on constantly, gets his allowance and is off like the Flash. Running all the way to the store, to get the latests handful of comics. The Flash being one of them and like the Flash, he runs home. He jumps onto the couch and for the next hour, all the adults see is his fascination with the comics.

Another day he gets off the bus and after dropping off his books, heads to the store and returns with a new model. For the next few hours he sits in his room and puts the model together.

Images blur as we shift to another house in the burbs. A tall, thin pre-teen gets off the buss and rushes to his room, in his bag, is a new book he got from the school library. Mom comes home hours later and finds him laying on his bed, reading. Of course she has to tell him to put the book down and get outside to play while she is getting dinner ready. After dinner, the boy retreats to his room and that is where mom finds him reading again. Telling him to put the book down and get ready for bed. After the lights go out, he grabs his flashlight, covers his head with the blankets and continues reading, well into the night.

Now we shift again. Look what sits against the wall, it has a curved glass front to it. The sun is not up yet, but, with a click and glow from the glass, Saturday morning cartoons have started. Here is where we find another kid, until the network switches to other programing, shortly after noon.

A beeping is heard and as we look down to our time machine, its time to return to reality. Really? Yup.

So what is the point? If we hunt around in our minds, there will be a fair amount of those that will go, um, ya, I remember something like that, being told to stop doing that and go outside and play.

As time progresses, things change, little girls go from playing with dolls, to playing with a boy. Much to the dismay of her parents. Boys go from chasing bugs, to chasing girls if their lucky and brave.

People’s interests change over time. Think about it, conversations go from sports, to what medications and ailments they have. Who the hot guys were at class to how the kids grow out of the new clothes you just bought them.

So, as adults, we expect our kids to be any different than we were? Oh sure, they have electronics and the internet and we didn’t. But, we found ways to waste time or our lives, just like the kids today are doing.

Besides, what electronic device are you reading this on?

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