What is my process?
Thoughts / April 30, 2012

I mentioned on twitter that the draft for New Beginning was in draft, and I got a mention about it. This got me thinking about what I call draft vs what others might call draft, and this got me to thinking about making a blog entry about how I go through the process (everything has a process these days, or at least it seems that way,) from concept to published. See how a thought rattles around in my head, and yes, sometimes they hurt too. Hehehehe So we wrote Valley of Mystery first, and then Aithera, which turns out that Aithera is book 1 and Valley is book 2, now onto Book 3, New Beginnings. I know I know. Quit rambling and get on with it. From the beginning we were going to do the events that happened after Valley. What  were they going to be? Just what the title says, how were we going to get the valley back to what it was and have it have a new beginning. Concept. As we were putting bits and pieces in Valley and Aithera, we would drop a thought or two in Beginnings, notes really. As we hash out, yes, I…

Thoughts / April 17, 2012

Oh HI there! Let me just take of these headphones off and stop the music. Ah, that’s better. This way I can hear you better. Why was I listening to music? Good question. I was working on the chapter that needed to be added to the story line. Huh? How does that help? Oh sorry, let me turn my hearing aid up. Not really, don’t need one of those, and hopefully I will never need one. I have heard that some writers need no distractions when they write. I have heard that some have even put lights, signs, and close doors. When the light is on, door closed or the do not disturb sign is out. The writer is creating. Leave em alone. For me, I have several playlists, and depending on the mood of the chapter that I am working on, I select a list that just might give me the mood music. Medical science is discovering that music does some strange electrical things in the brain. Really? They are just figuring that out now? Since I have a hobby at night, all night long, after my nap, it is the time of the day that normal folks are…

Demesne, The Series.
Thoughts / April 3, 2012

The Demesne series. Lets see if I can put some perspective to this series. Currently there are three books published for e-readers and available in print for the Demesne’ series. We are attempting to have each book stand on its own merits, and also be part of the larger whole. Don’t know if we are doing that, but we’re having fun trying. Book-1: Aithera Book-2: Valley of Mystery Book-3: New Beginnings Book 4 will now be “Challenge” This is not how they got published. Valley came out before Aithera. Originally, Valley was supposed to be book-1, then the current work in progress, New Beginnings – 2, and Devon – 3. Aithera was supposed to be a companion novel to answers some questions. Valley was supposed to be about Devon, but in reviewing the finished product, it became apparent that Jira was the main character and Aithera and Devon just helped her out. But Aithera was an interesting and integral part. Hence, the companion novel, and looking at that finished product, Aithera became Book-1. Devon was always a part, and going to be the last in the series to explain how and why he got the way he was. Now the…

Where did that file go?
Thoughts / March 31, 2012

Where did I put that file? I know it is here somewhere. Nope, not in that document either. Now this is getting frustrating. It has to be here. Oh! Hi there. What am I doing? I am looking for my list of names that I use for my novel series. But it seems to have wandered off and is hiding on my hard drive. Something I am sure new writers have run into, and maybe even some not so new writers. Regardless of the computing platform, operating system and word processor program used. No matter your filing system and how careful you are. Something gets misplaced. With two of us trying to ad bits and pieces to the project, we ran into a sharing issue and a permission issue. Any well meaning computer expert, pro or not, will be more then willing to tell you it is easy. Until we start laying out what we want to do. They try to help but what we are looking for does not work, and then the expert gets a puzzled look. Oh dear, I am getting side tracked. We looked at and read about many writing programs to help get our ideas…

What is success for a writer/author?
Thoughts / March 20, 2012

What is the measure of success for an author? Some might say getting on the New York Times best seller list. Some might say enough income to retire and just write for the rest of their lives. Some might say having their story made into a blockbuster movie, or even just to be made into a movie period would make them successful. In the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre, some might say that being compared to authors like McCaffrey, Brooks, Clark, Heinlien, Hicks, Asimov, Bradbury, Crichton, Rowling, Hawking and the list goes on. To meet any of these fellow authors would be a feather in the ego. All these things are great. It would be nice to slide into any of these areas. Money is good. Praise is good. Comparison is good. I am a budding author and I believe I have succeeded, at this early stage, and for non of what has been said so far. The first story I put out was good, not great, but good never-the-less. The second story which has turned out to be the first book in a series is better, much better, but not great. No, what makes me feel like a success is that…

Making a story
Thoughts / March 6, 2012

Writing. Writing. Writing. What is this thing called writing? Better yet, what is this thing called writing a story? In my research for this endeavor I came across lots of advise. The best one to date goes something like this. Writing has rules, you need to know the rules so you know when you break them, and the rules are guidelines. Think of the line from “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Some authors set goals or xxxx number of words a day, and shoot for that. Some authors set an over all word count of xxxxxx for the story as well. Some authors set on a chapter and go until the rough draft is done, then move on to the next. Some authors spend lots of time working up an outline with extensive character attributes, and location settings. “So what do you use?” Someone might ask. Let me see. NONE of those. The closest I come to most other authors is an out line consisting of notes for a “Beginning.” “Middle.” “End.” So here I sit with a beginning, middle, and end, and I am thinking how the character in any part of it would go from point A to point…

What to write
Thoughts / March 5, 2012

I sit and look at a blank form. All the blog pages we go to, to gain insight into writing and publishing books, say to set up a blog to promote our books. Create a presence. Anyone who thinks this is simple, has more than a penny in their pocket and a little more computer education than me. Freeway Express, AS has great templates to help get started with a basic web page. Someone around here says, “There is elegance in simplicity.” Not to mention the consensus is, a busy page tends to confuse and frustrate a web visitor. I hope ours is easy to maneuver through and find interesting content. So what can I possibly write about, that would be interesting for others to read? Other than the books we are trying to promote. We did write book one and book two of Demesne Aithera and Valley of Mystery out of order. Though New Beginning is the third book in the series. Steve has been working on it between answering questions about Aithera from the beta reader. We have wrapped up Aithera somewhat. You may have figured it out by now. The SF side of this team works the…

Lessons Learned
Thoughts / March 4, 2012

Lessons learned. When cleaning out web files, be careful what you delete. Web building is a learning experience for those who play with their own web building. Deleting files one shouldn’t, leads to redoing a website or blog. Rebuilding the website was easy since it was saved on a local computer. The blog was lost, so a need to rebuild was necissary. Some might think it actually looks better. So, with Aithera and Valley of Mystery published and a new book in the works a new blog page is also come to be. Long winded here, we are not, but we are always interested in your thoughts.