Random writing

April 2, 2015

I found this old piece of random writing while sifting through old paper work to purge and shred.
I thought I would share this one.

Sunday, June 04, 2000 7:17 AM

The first thought that comes to his mind is the pain, and the blinding white light. Confused, not remembering where he is, all he knows is the white-hot pain that racks his body. Every nerve in his body is on fire. The pain fades as his mind reels and escapes back into unconscious.

Though unconscious, a dream creeps slowly in. He feels large, larger than normal and yet, filled with power. He knows that he can move quickly, very quickly if need be. He can travel great distances without tiring. Turn faster than the rest. He can see vast area around him, all around him. His skin tingles with feelings that he can’t identify. There is something else, a sense that he is not alone. There is a feeling that there is someone with him, and this someone will never leave him. A feeling that someone wants to be his friend. This someone is trying to help, but having problems. He wonders what the problems are and if he can help. Then another sense is detected, a feeling of danger, of trouble. His friend wants to run, and does. They move off. Moving quickly, but he senses that they could go faster but not sure how to move faster. They turn, “wow, that was a sharp turn”. His friend thinks he has found a place to hide. There in the rocks. There is a hollow in a large rock and they drop into it and lay very still. His skin tingles and he thinks that his skin has changed to take on the look and feel of the rock they are on, “neat trick”. The danger approaches, looking for them but they are very still and quiet. The danger looks right at them, then slowly moves off. Soon the danger can’t be sensed and he lets out a sigh of relief.

* Highland Walker. Thief. 5’10” 160 lb. Silver/Gray hair. Eye color that he can change with a thought, base color hazel. Master at disguise and deception. Instinct for danger. Carefree. Carries no weapons. Has a caring nature but tries to hide it. Agile and athletic. Muscular without looking buffed. Knowledgeable of ancient art of slight of hand – magic.

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