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A different ship design rejected by the military. Frank Walker is able to build it anyway with the help of Research One.
A unique AI is developed out of tragedy.
Special Ops Agent Plackard is good at his job. He is given an assignment to protect a Diplomat with a side mission aboard the Cassiopeia transporting her.
Cassiopeia is sent to help a forgotten settlement. The crew finds invaders and the ship gets more than she bargains for.
Evil magic used to diminish good blood lines. With help baby Aithera lives to escape death, grow up to learn who she is and what she is capable of.
Aithera sets out once more. She is joined by a young run away girl. Together they assist an old man putting together the puzzle that is Devon.

As life returns to the Valley all seems to be peaceful. A contentment seeps in.
But there is still much to discover. Not all is as it seems.
Visitors to the Valley are more than they seem. Jira may be in trouble when she bites off more than she can chew. Can she survive and remain Matriarch?
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Note: Currently being re-edited to fill in gaps in the story that our readers have noticed.